Why buy a OrthoCush ™?

The answer is simple and straightforward. The OrthoCush ™ is recommended by doctors and healthcare professionals
and it is the answer you’ve been searching for to help reduce and relieve seating discomfort caused by your back pain;
In addition, the OrthoCush ™ is recommended as a therapeutic aid for relieving (when seated)
lower limb disabilities such as pilonidal disease, and pilonidal cysts,
hemorrhoids, and piles disease, for example.

Back-pain has edged out the common cold as the primary reason for lost work time. Persons who sit for long periods,
with pressure on the end of their spine (tailbone), risk developing herniated discs and other back injuries.
Sitting increases the pressure on your spinal discs two to three times over the pressure
caused by standing. This can result in severe and chronic lower back-pain.


OrthoCush ™ orthopedic seat cushions are constructed using a special special medical
quality polyurethane foam with a very high resiliency factor. The cushions are available
in polyester velour and faux leather (*breathable vinyl).
(breathable vinyl).